Been there done that got a t shirt

The It’s Been Done been there done that got a t shirt as used in popular culture. A lengthy joke in which a character describes some new idea, invention, story or script, but is informed that somebody already got there before him and that all the tropes he thinks are new are Older Than They Think. There is no originality left in the world, Mr.

That is a sad fact I’ve come to live with. The punchline is usually a ridiculously mundane or roundabout name for the proposed “new” work, and for added humor value, the story that the character has unknowingly plagiarized is usually something mind-bogglingly well known. 1930s and borrow heavily from Germanic myths about a ring of massive power to who wears it sound familiar? From a 19th Century BCE Egyptian poem: “What has been said has been said. All You Need Is Love”: “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Alles Gescheidte ist schon gedacht worden, man muß nur versuchen es noch einmal zu denken.

Just try to think again. Ja-pan” that Kazuma developed on his own turn out to be just variants on well-known types of bread. Soifon reveals while fighting Yoruichi that she has been developing a new technique that combines kido with unarmed combat, saying that she hasn’t even named it yet. When she demonstrates the attack against Yoruichi, Yoruichi reveals that it already has a name and counters with the completed version of the attack. Yoruichi then goes on to explain how the attack affected the uniform design for Soifon’s position, which Yoruichi previously had. Because it destroys clothing over the back of the user, the uniform is backless and shoulderless. Then they go on to discuss about how blowjobs are hard on their jaw and how there should be another place to stick it in.

Goku befriends the folks at a dojo. He’s shocked when Goku recognizes it, since he learned it from Master Roshi as the Afterimage technique. Vegeta because he didn’t want to hurt his pride. Trunks was a fool for not noticing this flaw. Siegfried hated Seto Kaiba because every time he came up with a business idea, Seto did it first.

Siegfried decided to change his company from a weapons manufacturer to a game manufacturer, but Seto did it first and cornered the market. Siegfried then worked on a way to turn Duel Monsters cards into holograms, but when he tried to show Maximillion Pegasus his device, he arrived only to find Seto had just shown Pegasus his own, superior device and cut a deal with him. Japanese version, Siegfried simply wants revenge on Seto for having the money and fame he thinks he deserves. In one comic he is asked to repair a suitcase with 4 wheels, of which one is broken. He keeps adding improvements, such as a seat, a steering wheel, bigger wheels and so on, and proudly delivers it back to the owner, only to be told “We already own a trailer!

In another comic, he goes picnicking, but is bothered by various elements like ants, the wind and rain, causing him to create a floor, walls and a roof. In the end, he’s re-invented the house, and wonders why he didn’t just stay home. In another comic, Gyro is found in the woods studying woodpeckers so he can make a “machine that can make holes like them. In other words, a drill. Mythical Menagerie”, Donald Duck tries to pull a prank on Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who are going animal-spotting for a Junior Woodchucks merit badge, by gluing props onto farm animals to make made-up creatures unfortunately, all the creatures Donald makes up are unwittingly based on creatures from mythology: A yellow rabbit with a horn? A gulon from Scandinavia, and so on. The title character, wishing to become a superhero, tries to convince his parents of this career choice.

But his parents tell him “It’s been done already. Speaking of Gotlib, he once wrote a story about someone trying to sell a script that took him months to write. Gotlib concludes: “Grimm does not pay. There’s nothing new under the sun.

Before that you’ve got to go back to the Magna Carta. Gaston invent a better alarm clock by building an elaborate contraption involving a clock and a radio. A student argues the point, but is told that “Failure is hardly original. Marlon, the keen but not-very-bright kid, who on one occasion took up inventing for a hobby. Dilbert is presenting his idea for a way to use electricity to cook your food “Without the need for charcoal or lighter fluid” to Dogbert, and announced he would name it the X-39 Energy Transfer Module. Dogbert simply replies “Did the name ‘Electric Stove’ ever occur to you? Dilbert’s invention fell back on this trope.

I’m gonna bite bats on stage! I’ll put a silk-screened banana on my album cover! I’m gonna thrash a hotel room! Then I’ll drown myself in a bathtub in Paris!