Shoulder bag strap

A signature design by Maison Goyard, the Saigon handbag is now available with a shoulder strap. Timeless and elegant, the Saigon could only be partnered with a shoulder shoulder bag strap of its own reflection, distinct and stylish.

The Goyard workshops have designed a variation based on straps traditionally used to secure cabin trunks during the golden age of cruise liner travel and legendary luxury trains. The leather strap slides easily beneath the emblematic beech handle for a classic look when worn over the shoulder or a more contemporary style when worn across the chest, ideal for recreating the Saigon’s appeal again and again. The Saigon shoulder strap comes as an option. Don’t ditch your bags because of strapping issues.

Find your ideal carrying strap with the selection of bag shoulder and universal carry straps at Strapworks. At Strapworks, one on our many sayings is “A bag is only as good as its straps. Think about it -how many times have you ditched a bag because of the strap? An uncomfortable or faulty strap renders a bag all but useless.